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Joaquín Seco
Joaquín Seco Martínez

Holds a Diploma in Business Sciences and is Associate Professor of Languages and Systems at the University of Burgos. Director of the Software Development Department at CSA and with a wide experience of 25 years in the development, management and direction of software teams and projects.

Ignacio Fernández
Ignacio Fernández Cascajares

He is a Technical Engineer in Computer Science from the University of Burgos and holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science Engineering from the same institution. Software analyst and programmer at CSA specializing in VLE platforms such as Moodle and CMS such as Drupal.

Virginia Cantero
Virginia Cantero López

Is a Technical Engineer in Computer Management from the University of Burgos. Multiplatform software analyst and programmer at CSA, a company specializing in corporate web applications.