SAVE THE DATE FOR OUR 2ND ONLINE MULTIPLIER EVENT – Thursday 25th of November – 14.00hr
Transforming Universities in an inclusive environment for intellectual disabilities

Educational inclusion is increasing and also in higher education it’s getting more and more attention. As a consequence, students with disabilities are more present in higher education contexts. However, this is not always the case for one specific group of students, namely students with intellectual disabilities. This group of students remains underrepresent in higher education. 

A possible explanation for this could be the difference in guidelines and policies to include students with intellectual disabilities in higher education. Also, higher education teachers and professionals supporting the students do not feel prepared enough to attend properly to the needs of students with intellectual disabilities, especially in higher education where requirements and expectations are high.

The European TUT4IND (Training University teachers for the inclusion of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in higher education) aims to develop a curriculum, for the acquisition of needed skills by university teachers and lecturers in order to attend the potential competences of their students with intellectual disability, but also to enhance their inclusion into the society. Currently the project realised the following outcomes that will be presented during the multiplier event:


  • A pilot course curriculum and design
  • A virtual learning environment (VLE)


Target group

Higher education teachers and professionals, teachers of students with intellectual disabilities, professionals supporting students with intellectual disabilities in their academic career and transition to higher education, policy makers, and everyone else with an interest in this topic!



14.00 - 14.15: Welcome and introduction

14.15 - 14.45: Presenting the project and the white paper

14.45 - 15.25: Keynote speeches about inclusion in higher education and creating powerful learning environments for all students

15.30 - 15.45: short break

15.45 - 16.15: Presenting the Virtual Learning Environment

16.15 - 16.55: Keynote speeches about students with intellectual disabilities and their transition to higher education and the possible challenges and support needed

17.00: closing the conference


(all contributions are in English, and will be available for the participants)


Modality: online  - participation is free of charge                                                         


Register here or via: https://research-expertise.ucll.be/en/educations/tut4ind-transforming-universities-inclusive-environment-people-intellectual-disability