Researchers from the TUT4IND group gave a pilot course at the University of Calabria.



The TUT4IND project, funded by the European Commission through the ERASMUS+ programme and coordinated by the Faculty of Education of the University of Burgos, has developed a pilot course at the University of Calabria (Italy). During this activity, the results obtained during the months of work have been validated, as well as serving for the interaction of European teachers specialised in inclusion and technologies.

The main objective of the project is to provide tools that promote the competences of professionals in the field of Higher Education about the needs of people with intellectual disabilities, in order to meet the purpose of the inclusion of this group in the university environment.

With a duration of five days, specialists from different entities have travelled to the University of Calabria and have been able to evaluate the materials designed within the TUT4IND project whose objective is to improve the knowledge of professionals in the academic field on intellectual disabilities, the specific needs arising from intellectual disabilities and the necessary adaptations to meet the purpose of inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in the university environment.

This project, selected by the ERASMUS+ programme, involves partners from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Serbia.