TUT4IND: Training University Teachers for the inclusion of people with Intellectual Disabilities

Tut4ind Members


The Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (SEPIE) has awarded the University of Burgos the project “Training University Teachers for the inclusion of people with Intellectual Disabilities”. The project, selected by the ERASMUS + program, has the participation of partners from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Serbia and will receive a budget of 339,881 euros.

Coordinated from the Faculty of Education, the results and materials will be designed and directed at the university academic environment. The main objective is to provide tools that favour the competencies of professionals in the field of Higher Education regarding the needs of people with intellectual disabilities, to fulfill the purpose of including this group in the university environment.

This project is the result of several work courses within the field of training with people with intellectual disabilities. Through this experience, it has been possible to detect the need for teacher training to respond to a truly inclusive education in stages of Higher Education.

The team of eight professionals from the University of Burgos is made up of: Raquel de La Fuente, José Luis Cuesta, Martha Lucia Orozco, Jerónimo González, Joaquín Pacheco, Silvia Cubillo, Sonia Rodríguez and the project coordinator, Miguel Corbí.