Fourth TUT4IND Multiplier Event

ME 4


On 29 Juna 2022, the fourth multiplier event was held to raise awareness of the TUT4IND project (Transforming Universities into an Inclusive Environment for People with Intellectual Disabilities).

The main objective of the event was to disseminate the activities developed by the project to a target audience, with specific reference to the course, the White Paper (IO1: CURRICULUM) and the virtual environment (IO2: VLE).  Apart from the presentation of the project, the VLE and its modules, there were two presentations on post-secondary education of people with ID and the connection between support and inclusion of higher education students in the Republic of Serbia.  The online platform was also showcased, highlighting its potential for the training of secondary school and university teachers.

After the presentations, a workshop was held for all participants, guided by the mentors. The workshop was followed by a debriefing with the final conclusions.  

It was held at the University of Belgrade and was attended by 27 secondary school and university teachers, representatives of health services and local societies.