Activity University Expert Course UBUInclusion


On Thursday 9 December, a group of students from the University Expert Course UBUInclusion, together with Baccalaureate students from the Pintor Luis Sáez Secondary School, participated in an activity in which they were able to share experiences about their time at the University and other issues of their educational career.

This activity is part of the programme developed by the Vice-Rectorate for Students of the University of Burgos with the Pintor Luis Sáez Secondary School for students of the Research/Excellence Baccalaureate Programme in Humanities and Social Sciences. On this occasion, the students were able to learn about the current trends that explain disability within the social model and its link to the United Nations Convention, and to approach the educational reality of young people with intellectual disabilities.

The students of the expert course talked about their experience as university students, the road they have travelled to reach this point and other questions of interest, such as their plans for the future and some innovative initiatives they are working on. The high school students also ended up sharing their interests and hobbies, and received some advice for the future, when they start their university studies.